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Alan Dershowitz

Even Israel’s most ardent US supporters are sounding the alarm

“I never thought that I would reach that point where I would say that my support of Israel is conditional”: Abe Foxman.

Did Dershowitz lose his bearings or has the world gone adrift around him?

How a liberal Harvard professor became Trump’s most distinguished defender on TV, freaked out his friends and got the legal world up in arms

Why Dershowitz finds it hard to criticise his ‘weakened’ friend Netanyahu

Law professor tells UIA audience in Sydney that although corruption allegations have taken their toll, 'the Prime Minister you know is better than the one you don't'

Did James Comey tell us something about Jared Kushner and Trump?

James Comey just told us everything we need to know about Jared Kushner and Trump – Nathan Guttman – The Forward 09.06.17 Ironically, it was...

Are these men the voice of the Jewish-Australian alt-right?

Nothing Left on Melbourne’s Jewish community radio station J-AIR has a niche firmly in the right. The show’s hosts, Alan Freedman and Michael Burd,...

Abraham’s tent – British Jews shelter Syrian refugees

Syrian refugee family to be given home inside London synagogue – Harriet Sherwood – The Guardian 22.01.17 ‘We as Jews have benefited from sanctuary in...

Amona evacuation imminent: ICC risk over Regularisation Bill

Palestinian owners prepare to return to their land as Amona settlers and thousands of their supporters, including Bentzi Gopstein and far-right Lehava activists, wait...

Progressive US Jewish leaders to Trump – we will not sit idly by

Jewish leaders across America deliver warning letter to Trump: We will not sit idly by – Judy Maltz – Haaretz 19.11.16 A dozen progressive Jewish-American...

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