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Aluf Benn

Netanyahu beamed as Trump outlined his vision lock, stock and barrel

ALUF BENN: Trump is spoiling for a Palestinian surrender; the world is mum and Abbas is isolated

‘The Tanks of Tammuz’

The best book ever written about the Israeli army – Aluf Benn – Haaretz 11.06.17 Shabtai Teveth’s reporting on the Six-Day War tells the story...

Is it more serious for Netanyahu this time?

The corruption allegations against Benjamin Netanyahu – Ruth Margalit –The New Yorker 13.01.17 Corruption scandals are nothing new for Netanyahu. But it’s more serious this...

The real Bar-Ilan speech

What Netanyahu really wants and never tells – Aluf Benn – Haaretz 30.06.16 The prime minister of Israel lays down his vision, the real one, for...

Why is Netanyahu courting Zionist Union now?

What's behind Netanyahu's pursuit of the Labor Party? Fear, loathing and a restive army – Aluf Benn – Haaretz 15.05.16 The Zionist Union's leader's motives...

Haaretz editor asks Americans to support Israeli progressives

Can Americans save Israel from its own extremism? - Aluf Benn – The Daily Beast 11.12.15 Isolated under Netanyahu, the editors of Israel’s leading liberal...

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