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Despite widespread criticism, Israel targets human rights NGOs, not right-wingers, with foreign funding

How Israel shoots itself in the foot with left-bashing NGO law – J.J. Goldberg – The Forward 12.07.16 Israel’s parliament, in a dazzling display of...

Israel gave land to settler NGO behind Palestinian owners’ backs

Israel seized Palestinian family's East Jerusalem land behind its back, gave it to settler NGO – Nir Hasson – Haaretz 09.05.16 Documents reveal that the...

Energy access another divider in West Bank

Solar energy access drives new wedge into Israeli-Palestinian conflict – Uri Blau – TakePart 06.11.15 Settlers in the West Bank are investing in solar farms...

Contested West Bank land purchases ‘fraudulent’

Contested West Bank land purchases ‘fraudulent,’ claims report – The Times of Israel 02.02.16 14 recent purchases of Palestinian land for settlements may have been...

Israel to approve new construction even in isolated settlements July 30, 2015

Over 900 settlement units to be okayed, for first time in year - The Times of Israel 22.07.15 Permits seen as attempt by Defence Minister...

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