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Brazil after Bolsonaro: Lula plants green shoots of hope

In his third term, the popular but flawed leader appears to be serious about addressing Brazil’s environmental and social problems.

Espionage and terror in Amazon’s new series about Argentina’s unresolved bombings

Daniel Burman’s ‘Yosi, the Regretful Spy’ is the true story of a cop who went undercover as a Jew for decades, and how he may have inadvertently aided the attacks

Jewish Google staff lead push to cancel large Israeli government contract

Two Jewish employees are at the forefront of a petition urging Google and Amazon to cancel a contract to build cloud-based data centres for the Israeli government

Gantz in Paris for spyware scandal talks; Israeli officials visit NSO office

Defence Minister tells French allegations treated with 'utmost seriousness'; officials visit NSO to assess security breach claims; US Dems urge action against NSO

Unionist Vs Amazon: ‘Jewish values made me want to fight for social justice’

A union battle in Alabama could result in the US’s first organised Amazon warehouse - and has thrust a Jewish union leader back into the spotlight

Jews killing Nazis: Hunters is sloppy, even if Al Pacino is the star

The Al Pacino thriller about a group of Nazi hunters in 1970s New York is as subtle as a Catskills comedian, but we're not living in subtle times

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