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Amiram Ben-Uliel

Israeli gets three life sentences for 2015 murder of Palestinians

Site that aims to cover legal costs of contesting Amiram Ben Uliel’s life sentences raises over $A200,000 in a day; killer’s teen accomplice gets light sentence after a plea bargain

Prosecutor seeks three life terms for murderer of Palestinian family

Son says he didn’t bring surviving grandson for fear he would get nightmares from seeing Amiram Ben-Uliel, who killed his parents and brother

Ahmed Dawabshe, only survivor of his immediate family, leaves hospital

Year after firebombing that killed his family, Ahmed Dawabsha leaves hospital - The Times of Israel 22.07.16 6-year-old will require several hospital visits each week...

Israeli ambassador and Donald Trump defend continuing settlement expansion

The settlements give rise to a number of hotly debated issues. These include the legality or otherwise of some or all settlements, whether or...

Jewish terror-network arrests in West Bank

Shin Bet uncovers Jewish terrorist group accused of attacking Palestinians – Gili Cohen & Chaim Levinson – Haaretz 20.04.16 After years of failures against Jewish...

Life and 21-year sentences for Abu Khdeir’s murderers

Minors handed life sentence, 21 years for Abu Khdeir murder – The Times of Israel 04.02.16 Killers were instrumental in 2014 kidnapping, burning-to-death of Palestinian...

Jewish terrorism – why the Anglo connection?

The Anglo connection: why do so many Jewish terrorists come from the English-speaking world? – Haaretz 31.12.15 From the suspects in the Duma arson case...

Thou shalt not murder. Remember?

Thou shalt not murder. Remember? – David Horowitz – The Times of Israel 04.01.16 Those who assert a Jewish religious legitimacy for murder know nothing....

Netanyahu uses shooting to attack Israel’s Arab citizens

Netanyahu's speech at scene of Tel Aviv shooting: shameful, fear-spreading horror show - Yossi Verter - Haaretz 03.01.16 The prime minister proved that he has...

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