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‘The trees are disappearing slowly and people often don’t know what they are’

'Scar trees’ refers to trees whose bark has been removed to make canoes and artefacts; Paula Towers reports on a doco at the Antenna film fest that chronicles a white-indigenous collaboration to protect them

Disturbing, mesmerising portrait of an idiosyncratic New York Jewish family

MIRIAM COSIC speaks to Nira Burstein, director of a film about her dysfunctional family, which will open this year’s Antenna documentary film festival in Sydney

Doco about Israeli lawyer who defends Palestinians up for award

Rachel Leah Jones's film, Advocate, which screened at the Antenna film festival in Sydney, has been nominated for an Asia-Pacific cinema award

‘Someone has to make a film about her; it looks like that someone is us’

Israeli lawyer Lea Tsemel has spent five decades representing Palestinians, including terror suspects. Ahead of her visit to Sydney for the screening of her controversial doco, Advocate, director Rachel Leah Jones talks to Elhanan Miller

Fly-on-the-wall access, plus off-cuts, capture Putin’s rise to power

MARINA KAMENEV talks to Ukrainian Jewish director Vitaly Mansky about his revealing portrait of the inner workings of Putin’s Kremlin which will open the Antenna Film Festival in Sydney next week

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