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The reshaping of the Zionist and anti-Zionist left in the US

The Zionist left is reengaging to broaden the establishment’s big tent — and the anti-Zionist left is staying far outside, writes YEHUDA KURTZER.

Academics reject antisemitism definition

A group of academics, many of them Jewish, are fighting against the push to have the IHRA definition of antisemitism adopted by Australian universities.

How Right and Left conflate anti-Zionism and antisemitism to stymy Palestinians

AMOS GOLDBERG: From the far right to progressives, groups that will not tolerate criticism of Israel all delegitimise the validity of a Palestinian liberation movement

If a definition of antisemitism can be misused, do we need another one?

In a Zoom event hosted by Plus61J, Jeremy Jones maintained the IHRA definition is broad and sound; Dov Waxman argued it contains ambiguity that allows people to misuse it

Jewish advocacy groups divided over Australia’s adoption of IHRA definition of antisemitism

Leading Australian Jewish bodies welcome the decision, while others say it will make criticism of Israel harder to voice without being tarred as antisemitic

EDITORIAL: What needs to be included in an Australian definition of antisemitism

Three definitions have been proposed, their chief differences over how to deal with criticism of Israel and anti-Zionism; the Jewish community needs to debate their respective merits

Kea’s confronting doco: giving a voice to Australian Jews who question Zionism

DASH LAWRENCE asks Sydney woman Kea Cranko what drove her to make a documentary on this taboo subject, and what she learned about herself in doing so

How ideological myopia submerged UK Labour in anti-Semitism

Any understanding of antisemitism on the left must start with anti-Zionism and how it evolved alongside the rise and fall of the USSR, decolonisation and Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts, says Colin Shindler

How Yiddish became the language of protest for young Australian Jews

A new generation are reclaiming their grandparents' language to further causes of humanism and LGBTQ equality

Proposed US legislation would make it difficult to criticise Israeli government policy

The bill, which seeks to target harassment of Jewish students on college campuses, would blur the line between anti-Israel speech and anti-Semitic speech

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