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Mob storms Russian airport looking for Jews as flight from Israel lands

A mob in Russia’s mostly Muslim region of Dagestan has stormed the airport, invading the runway while chanting antisemitic slogans, and forcing temporary closure of the airport.

Sydney private school students suspended after posting offensive messages

Students at Knox Grammar have been suspended or left the school after posting misogynistic, racist and antisemitic commentary in a private chat group.

Craig Kelly ‘disavows’ antisemitic remarks by speaker at rally in Canberra

In a speech to UAP members on Tuesday, Mark McMurtrie called the Union Jack ‘the union of Jacob that represents three Hebrew tribal flags’: WATCH VIDEO

Israel sponsors Google advert labelling Amnesty as ‘antisemitic’

Ad criticising the NGO appears at the top of search results on Google; finance giant Morningstar accused of boycotting Israel

Has the pro-Israel lobby beaten Australian media into submission?

PETER FRAY: John Lyons argues that the lobby, spearheaded by Colin Rubenstein, has cowed our media into going soft on Israel. Is he right? In large part no, in some part yes.

Australian MPs must reject support from antisemitic anti-lockdown groups

MICHAEL VISONTAY: By not explicitly disavowing these groups, politicians embolden them to continue their activities; the US Capitol riot showed where that can lead

Leading Chilean presidential candidate faces accusations of antisemitism

Daniel Jadue was criticised after his high school yearbook page circulated online last month. In it, his 1983 classmates wrote that the best gift they could give him was “a Jew to target”

Wounded Boston rabbi says stabbing attack was ‘unequivocally’ antisemitic

Rabbi Shlomo Noginski was stabbed eight times while talking on his phone outside a Jewish day school; Jewish man abused twice in an hour on London bus and train

Polish city bans sale of Jewish figurines holding coins

Calling them ‘antisemitic images,’ Krakow is the first city to outlaw the souvenir figures, which are sometimes seen as good luck charms

Protests against Israel across Europe; obscenities yelled at Jews in London

Riots break out in Berlin, Paris and London; large crowds in pro-Palestinian protests across US; weekend protests in Sydney and Melbourne draw several thousand

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