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How a Jewish-Arab school in Israel copes with war in Gaza

At her daughter's Jerualem school, some families lost relatives living in Gaza, others to October 7. REBECCA BARDACH says every morning teachers and kids still show up committed to living together.

Berlin synagogue firebombed, Israeli community feels ‘broken’

The 10,000 Israelis living in the German capital don't know where to turn, what they can say in public and what to tell their children.

Rabbi in the Mosque: a Jew reaches out to the Muslim world

Join Jerusalem-based Rabbi Elhanan Miller whose animated Arabic videos are reaching millions of viewers across the Middle East. Launched in 2017, his People of the Book initiative today has over 350 videos connecting Jews and Arabs, breaking down barriers by better understanding one another. His only Sydney public event will explore the unexpected challenges and opportunities that he has found connecting conflicting parties through religion. 

The agenda behind a Zionist youth movement for Israeli Arabs

Israel’s right is the silent driver behind an Arab-Zionist youth movement aiming to foment a sea change in Israel’s Arab society.

VIDEO SERIES: Palestinian citizens of Israel #5: Culture

In the fifth and final episode of Plus61J Originals series, rapper and artist Tamer Nafar talks about culture and creating.

VIDEO SERIES: Palestinian citizens of Israel #4: Identity

In the fourth episode of a Plus61J Originals series, journalist and filmmaker Rami Younis shares what Palestinian identity means to him.

From threat to opportunity, Arab world recognises the significance of Israel‘s crisis

DROR DORON: Lebanese Hezbollah leader Nasrallah says Israel’s internal political tensions are unprecedented, already causing a wave of emigration, and might lead to a civil war.

Israel’s Arab citizens would suffer most under judicial override

BEN LYNFIELD: The bill would pave the way for laws cancelling Israeli citizenship for terrorists’ families and increase confiscation of Palestinian land across the Green Line, say rights advocates.

Why many Israeli Arabs are shunning Israel’s democracy protests

BEN LYNFIELD: Arab leaders say the opposition movement must acknowledge that it’s not democratic to rule over another people, or the Arab public won’t join the protests.

Israeli clinic refuses to provide first aid to Palestinian injured in workplace accident

Doctors campaign against discrimination on religious grounds.

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