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A turning point for Palestinians

Hamas’s success in humiliating Israel has given Palestinians in the West Bank greater motivation to attack Israeli targets.

‘Why I am refusing to serve in the Israeli army’

Last month, an 18-year-old immigrant known only as D, made the unusual choice to go to jail rather than serve in the Israel Defence Forces. This is an edited version of the letter explaining his reasons.

Elite Israeli pilots boycott training over judicial review

Army reservist cyber specialists will stop reporting for duty; Entebbe veterans invoke PM’s dead brother in protest.

Army reservist rebellion grows, IDF chief concerned it will harm operations

Over 250 members of Military Intelligence’s Special Operations Division, including top officers, have said they won’t show up if the judicial override bill passes: ‘We won’t be useful idiots’.

Nine Palestinians killed by Israeli army in clashes near Jenin

In the first major raid under the new government, the IDF entered the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank and clashed with Palestinian militants.

What I learned in half an hour of detention by the IDF

Being patted down by Israeli soldiers showed SAM STEIN how violating the weaponisation of security can feel.

Almost half of Jewish Israelis support making IDF a professional army

Poll finds most Israelis are impressed by the IDF's capabilities and moral conduct but are concerned over its treatment of conscripts, prompting support for professional army

Unarmed Palestinian killed by settler at West Bank outpost

The IDF said the man had stormed the outpost and attacked a settler before he was shot; settlers’ attacks against Palestinians have been on the rise since early this year

Army probe: Palestinian killed by IDF in West Bank posed no threat

22-year-old was shot during clashes in refugee camp this week; army also looking into new allegations about Palestinian who was filmed being hit by non-lethal fire at checkpoint

The rabbi who led Yom Kippur services in Saddam’s palace

A three-decade military career has taken David Goldstrom from serving in the US Navy in the Pacific, to Iraq and Afghanistan, and now a chaplain for veterans

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