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climate change

Five things Jews can do to stop climate change

Jewish organisations and leaders, with some notable exceptions, have not made climate change action their focus. That needs to change.

IsraAID comes to the Pacific for solutions to climate change

Israel is bringing its disaster experience to the Pacific where the rise in extreme weather events is already hurting small island nations, writes TAMAR KOSKY LAZARUS.

Climate change warning: Israel told to prepare for temperatures reaching 49 degrees

Israel has been warned to prepare for extreme heat waves and increasing mortality in a new reference scenario published by the National Emergency Authority.

Pesach Pledges challenge Jews to take climate action

Melting ice blocks on the seder table is not enough. This year, the Jewish Climate Network wants people to pledge action against climate change...

Pioneers drained swamps, entrepreneurs are putting them back

In an effort to reverse climate change, Israel’s high-tech leaders are recreating marshes to trap carbon.

Heat waves added to Israel Defence Ministry “threat map”

Israel's climate is warming at double the global average

‘If we see the ice melting and the forests burning, we need to respond’

The rules of the Torah which legislate for the integrity of the environment are instructive, writes RABBI RALPH GENENDE, as he reflects on the centrality of the climate challenge

The ‘Ice Block Challenge’: a new question for Pesach

MIRIAM HECHTMAN: The Jewish Climate Network is asking Australian families to put an ice block next to the Seder plate to remind us of the melting ice caps caused by human activity

World-leading exhibition climate change opens in Tel Aviv

The exhibition, titled Solar Guerrilla, is one of the first of its kind to present global cities as tools for combating climate change

EDITORIAL: Make this the climate change election

The economy, health, education and antisemitism are areas of concern but the future our planet is the critical issue

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