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Clinton parameters (2000)

How politicians perpetuate the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

How Israeli politicians took peace with the Palestinians off the table – Prof. Daniel Bar-Tal – Haaretz 09.09.16 Beyond the violence and disputes, Israeli leaders'...

Clinton v Trump – 6 analyses with implications for Israel

Jay Michaelson & Jeffry Goldberg on effects of a Trump presidency for Israel & the ME; Josh Marshall, Gary Kasparov & Susan Hennessey on...

Egypt and Jordan urge Israel to adopt Arab Peace Initiative

Egyptian and Jordan ambassadors urge Israel to adopt Arab Peace Initiative – Jewish Business News 16.06.16 The Egyptian and Jordanian ambassadors to Israel, in a...

Israeli ambassador and Donald Trump defend continuing settlement expansion

The settlements give rise to a number of hotly debated issues. These include the legality or otherwise of some or all settlements, whether or...

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