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closed military zones

49th anniversary of Six Day War

This week marks the 49th anniversary of the Six Day War (5-10 June 1967), reunification of Jerusalem, and resulting Israeli control over the lives...

Israel ramping up demolitions in West Bank

Israel dramatically ramping up demolitions of Palestinian homes in West Bank - Haaretz 21.02.16 Israel has razed over 200 EU-funded buildings in the West Bank...

‘I saw the evil with my own eyes’

In the rubble of a Palestinian home, I saw the occupation’s evil with my own eyes - Moriel Rothman-Zecher – Haaretz 09.02.16 The house that...

Injustice in the Hebron Hills

Israel must end the injustice in the Hebron Hills – Haaretz 04.02.16 The problem with home demolitions in the West Bank is greater than the...

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