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The bitter lessons of Israel’s ‘change’ government

The Bennett- Lapid coalition, which lost to Netanyahu, failed to change the terms of public debate.

Netanyahu’s government facing looming political disaster

The Israel PM is on track to disappoint either his own coalition or the security services, leading to a possible election, writes ANSHEL PFEFFER.

Netanyahu’s deal with the far Right could turn Israel into an international pariah

Despite the occupation, Israel has never faced international sanctions. AMOS HAREL writes Netanyahu is now playing with fire.

Far-Right wins control of West Bank as Coalition negotiations continue

Likud has acceded to Religious Zionism's demand for some of the powers of the Civil Administration, which is under the Defence Ministry.

Coalition building is not proving a simple task for Bibi

The new Knesset has been sworn in but predictions that a stable government would be formed in the space of a few days have evaporated, writes ANSHEL PFEFFER.

Why Israel’s One-Year Government was not a failure

EETTA PRINCE-GIBSON argues the Coalition made significant progress economically, socially and in restoring civility to Israel’s political culture

Israeli Government falls, new election this year

Yair Lapid will become Prime Minister as the Coalition admits defeat and agrees to dissolve Knesset.

Biden visit announced for 13 July, as Coalition faces vote to dissolve Government

Preliminary Vote for a new election likely next week; US says Israeli political situation ‘too sensitive’ for peace negotiations

Coalition’s survival a miracle, but Netanyahu is waiting, ready to pounce

The price of preserving Bennett’s fragile coalition has been no peace initiatives, inertia with the PA and no overt annexations. Yet the polls keep favouring Bibi

Sinwar vows attacks on ‘thousands of synagogues’ if Al-Aqsa ‘violated’ again

Hamas leader threatens a ‘regional, religious war’ if Israeli police raid mosque; accuses Islamist party chief of ’unforgivable crime’ of backing Israel government

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