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Mr Herzog goes to Washington

Israel’s President will try to smooth tensions at the White House and in the Capitol, but he is facing boycotts from a few progressive lawmakers.

Does Zionism even exist anymore?

ANSHEL PFEFFER: Since Israel became a reality, there's been no consensus on what defines Zionism, what it means and whether, between the Herzl cosplayers and haters, it still survives.

Gap widens between Biden and Democrat voters over Israel-Palestine

DAN COLEMAN: A new survey finds the president and his colleagues increasingly of step with the people they represent.

Jamie Raskin’s mission to seek ‘the moral centre’ of politics

DAN COLEMAN: The US Democrat is a rare breed: ‘I think our job is to find what’s right and then bring the political centre to us - that’s what makes politics meaningful’

US Senate rejects resolutions aimed at blocking Trump arms deal to UAE

Opponents fail to convince majority that Trump is rushing sale of F35s and drones to UAE, which is involved in a devastating Yemen bombing campaign

Ten Jewish candidates for Congress worth watching

Jews running for Congress this fall who are worth keeping an eye on, whether or not you’re Jewish

Key primaries loom for controversial US Muslim congresswomen

DAN COLEMAN: As advocates for Palestinian rights, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib face constant scrutiny by Jewish leadership groups. Yet neither of their opponents has made Israel a campaign issue

US anti-BDS bill doesn’t threaten free speech but hides deeper issue

JJ GOLDBERG There is an ugly debate in US Congress over a bill that makes it a federal crime to call for boycotting Israel.

Home front not ready yet for missile war

Israelis are in denial about the next missile war – David Rosenberg – Haaretz 08.12.16 Israel is short of bomb shelters and Hezbollah could have...

US Rep. Sen. to Netanyahu: Tell the White House to ‘go f*** themselves’

Senator holding up Israel defense deal, insisting on role for Congress – Michael Wilner – The Jerusalem Post 12.09.16 “The Israeli prime minister told me...

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