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Antisemitism issue used as ‘factional weapon’ in UK Labour, report finds

Report highlights ‘toxicity on both sides’ under Jeremy Corbyn

Historical analysis of left-wing British antisemitism puts Corbyn crisis in context

PHILIP MENDES: Confronting Antisemitism on the Left outlines a compelling case for the British Left about the necessity of combatting antisemitism

UK Labour reinstates Jeremy Corbyn but only as an ‘independent’ MP

New leader Starmer says Corbyn ‘set back our work in restoring trust’; Corbyn says he ‘didn’t mean to downplay’ anti-Semitism; slammed by British Jews over ‘non-apology’

UK Labour leader Starmer ‘fully supports’ decision to suspend Corbyn

Watchdog’s probe finds former leader consistently understated problem of anti-Semitism in the party

Jews, the UK Labour party, and democracy in the digital age

Jamie Susskind is visiting Australia to speak about democracy in the digital age. But Anne Susskind finds he also has compelling insights into British anti-Semitism

Jewish Labour Movement wants pro-Palestinian MP to succeed Corbyn

Lisa Nandy wins over hearts and minds by noting that she’s also a long-time member of Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East

UK Labour’s challenge to find a leader who will purge the Corbyn poison

Those still in the race have an opportunity to win back the trust of all those in the UK who care about racism

Lessons for America from British Jews’ pushback against Corbynism

YOSSI KLEIN HALEVI: In fighting Corbyn, UK Jewry followed the Soviet Jewry movement's playbook. Can American Jews learn from these examples?

Election a repudiation of Corbynism and the stench of anti-Semitism

British Labour needs to clean the slate and create a more modern party to advance the interests of the vulnerable. Corbyn issues apology but does not mention anti-Semitism

Boris and Conservatives set for landslide victory in UK election

Jewish Labour Movement chair says result 'devastating for people who would normally look to Labour party to speak for them but found them wanting'

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