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‘Dancing, laughing, partying’ with Palestinians and Bedouins in lockdown

In a Zoom chat hosted by Plus61JMedia, Israeli comedian Noam Shuster Eliassi reflects on isolation in a corona hotel

Israeli restrictions could be reimposed as infections climb

PM and corona czar issue warnings; govt determined to extend digital surveillance; two-thirds of returning Israelis break quarantine; thousands of middle-class join homeless

Unemployment in Israel at 22.7%; shops open to boost numbers back at work

Jobless in October was nearly double that of September; officials worried that tweaking with lockdown strategy could lead to a new one; spike in infections prompts spectre of curfews

Ministers stalled over exit strategy; concern over Haredi test avoidance

Officials cite falling hotspot numbers but doctor says empty test centres suggest faulty stats; Netanyahu denies minister’s claim he told Haredi leaders they could open schools

The Covid fault-line: Israel is now divided into two countries

EETTA PRINCE-GIBSON: In most towns, the streets were empty over Simchat Torah; in some Haredi communities they danced in the streets, with no sign of police. Israelis are getting fed up

Lockdown could last a month as deaths, infections surge over Yom Kippur

Netanyahu to convene coronavirus cabinet later today; 49 die in 24 hours; police give 4,000 fines over Yom Kippur for virus rule violations; expert warns of more lockdowns

Israeli ministers agree on full lockdown, more severe than first

Measures to last at least until Oct 10; shuls to close except for limited Yom Kippur services; protests limited to 1km from home after pressure from PM to curb demonstrations; chevra braces for wave of deaths

Chasidic pilgrims forced to turn back at Ukrainian border

Thousands of angry Chasids, leave rubbish and voice resentment after being denied access to their annual pilgrimage at Uman

Corona czar orders opening of new Covid wards, warns of 600 deaths monthly

In north, hospital stretched past limit turns away patients; Ultra-Orthodox stage protests, police say rallies an excuse to move between cities; corona cabinet to convene later today

Israel becomes first country in world to reimpose national lockdown

Decision to restrict freedom of movement for three weeks slammed by opposition; ultra-Orthodox condemn timing of restrictions around High Holy Days

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