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‘Coronavirus Cabinet’ to get emergency bill amid new outbreak

As Israeli government pushes ahead with new bill, new deaths lead to shuttering of more than 100 schools and limitations to graduation ceremonies

Jewish and Palestinian scientist team up for MIT home coronavirus test

Jonathan Gootenberg and Omar Abudayyeh are now the only researchers allowed inside the McGovern Institute, working relentlessly on an efficient, inexpensive test kit for COVID-19

‘You don’t make decisions three minutes after a bad loss or a big win’

Andrew Bassat’s passion for St Kilda football club was handed down in his family. Now, as club president, he talks to Ashley Browne about he will revive his club’s fortunes

Spike in cases as life in Israel inches closer to normality

36 new coronavirus cases, biggest jump in three weeks, as hotels, pools, museums reopen; PA also lifts restrictions in the West Bank

Why annexation isn’t the issue keeping most Israelis awake at night

ITTAY FLESCHER: Between the Covid-19 unemployment crisis and uncertainty over whether Netanyahu is bluffing, public concern over annexation has been noticeably muted

Domestic violence in the Arab world rises during the pandemic

For many women around the world, the lockdown was not life-saving, but quite the opposite, especially so in the Arab states, writes MICHAL YAARI

How Germany turned national obedience into a victory over corona

Mati Shemoelof: Well, there was also Merkel’s calm, decisive leadership, a massive testing program and the chance to learn from other countries’ mistakes

Israelis hit the beaches; govt to give PA a $345m loan for corona response

Sources say the payment is an advance on tax revenue; swimmers cause chaos for beach inspectors; football season to restart without fans

How West Bank and Gaza averted their corona catastrophes

Ben Lynfield: Despite initial dire fears, the Palestinian leadership’s quick declaration of emergency and lockdown led to a relatively low infection and death rate

Ultra-Orthodox Interior minister calls for Haredi ‘soul-searching’

Figures reveal Jerusalem and Bnei Brak account for 37% of all deaths; observers claim pandemic has diminished whatever moral authority religion once claimed

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