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Brighton Secondary principal steps down after antisemitic bullying case

A letter to the school community told parents of Richard Minack’s exit.

Victoria ordered to pay $430,000 compensation over Brighton Secondary College antisemitism

In landmark case, five former students sued three staff from the government-run school. Court found staff had an “inexplicable and unusual tolerance” for antisemitic graffiti.

Israel’s civil crisis reaches pivotal moment

The Knesset is set to pass the first bill in its controversial judicial overhaul next week. Women’s rights and media freedom are government’s next targets.

Judicial reform: Extremely unreasonable and incredibly close

NOAM GREENBERGER explains why the ‘reasonableness standard’ is the focus of an advancing bill and increased protests in Israel this week.

Leifer faked mental illness and should be denied sentencing discount, court told

Prosecutor says Malk Leifer’s long attempt to avoid justice by feigning illness should disqualify her.

High Court stops Ben-Gvir expanding power over police

The court has issued an injunction requiring the Knesset to justify an amendment expanding national security powers.

Brighton Secondary showed ‘dereliction of duty’ to students alleging antisemitic discrimination, court told

Final submissions heard in federal court case after school’s leadership and teachers deny claims of bullying.

Israel’s Arab citizens would suffer most under judicial override

BEN LYNFIELD: The bill would pave the way for laws cancelling Israeli citizenship for terrorists’ families and increase confiscation of Palestinian land across the Green Line, say rights advocates.

Why Israel’s proposed judicial override is so dangerous

JEREMIE BRACKA: The Knesset’s plan to grant itself absolute power over the judiciary would unleash a constitutional assault and ‘democratic death by a thousand cuts’.

Australian union supports Israel boycotts, Spain rules they are illegal

Spain’s Supreme Court has effectively outlawed BDS in a finding that boycotting Israel constitutes discrimination.

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