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To watch India’s tragedy is to experience emptiness

RALPH GENENDE: This pandemic is a reminder that we are all interconnected and no country can go it all alone

Germany’s anti-vaccination history is riddled with anti-Semitism

Jewish people were blamed for spreading disease; Denying the need for public-health measures, including vaccination, slipped into tacitly implying that the disease would carry off the Jewish and the poor

Project Rozana secures 20 ventilators for Palestinian Authority

The Australian-founded not for profit sent the units to Ramallah last week for distribution to allocated hospitals. It is also funding the training of Palestinian ICU health teams to treat patients

Empty streets, a curfew, Zoom seders: Israel’s Pesach like no other

EETTA PRINCE-GIBSON: The government has imposed a new level of lockdown to make Israelis resist the urge to see family and friends for this year’s holiday

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