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Lessons from the Plague: life beyond the pandemic

JANE CARO: When people feel unsafe, the pull towards hatred is strong. But as we focus on life after Covid, I look at what happened to the world after The Plague and feel

Project Dignity helps repair the world for refugees in Australia

ANNA GAME-LOPATA: When Covid struck Melbourne, two members of Temple Beth Israel ramped up their charity initiative to feed, house and help heal destitute asylum see

Aussie health experts travel to Israel for Covid insights

PROFESSOR SHARON LEWIN says learning about Israel’s management of big data in real-time is top of the list. SHARON BERGER reports.

The self-anointed national saviour now struggling to save himself

MICHAEL GAWENDA; Although climate and Covid have been sidelined in this campaign, they will help determine its outcome. That is not good news for the old or new Scott Morrison

‘Teal independents’ will make House of Reps what it’s meant to be – representative

KERRYN PHELPS; We’re witnessing a political stirring to action, borne of despair with Liberal moderates who can't advance their local voters' concerns

Who benefits when the wellbeing of Israelis becomes a political football?

ITTAY FLESCHER: Let the Australian election be a battle of ideas around climate, health and the post-Covid recovery - and leave worrying about the Middle East to those who most need to deal with it

Australian cyclist’s go-slow goes viral after blocking DC truck convoy

Australian lawyer Daniel Adler made headlines after he made a snap decision to place himself in the path of a convoy of trucker-led activists and Donald Trump loyalists

As anti-lockdown extremism fades, its antisemitic face becomes clearer

A Plus61J investigation finds that despite the easing of restrictions, Australian hate groups continue to flourish, revealing that their bigotry is first and foremost antisemitic

Uganda’s first Jewish physician returns home to serve as local doctor

Dr Samson Wamani was head of the Covid ward at a hospital in the capital Kampala before moving back to his hometown to help serve the area’s 2,500 Jews

‘I sent out 35 letters to rabbis; I don’t know if we will change anything but…’

It is a good feeling to be co-operating with women to make the world a happier place, writes ILONA LEE, about her campaign with the Commonwealth Jewish Women’s Network

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