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Craig Kelly

Three federal politicians attended rally where antisemitic speech given

George Christensen, from the Liberal Party, and One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts were seen along with Craig Kelly, from the United Australia Party

Craig Kelly ‘disavows’ antisemitic remarks by speaker at rally in Canberra

In a speech to UAP members on Tuesday, Mark McMurtrie called the Union Jack ‘the union of Jacob that represents three Hebrew tribal flags’: WATCH VIDEO

As anti-lockdown extremism fades, its antisemitic face becomes clearer

A Plus61J investigation finds that despite the easing of restrictions, Australian hate groups continue to flourish, revealing that their bigotry is first and foremost antisemitic

EXCLUSIVE: The antisemitic underbelly of Australia’s anti-lockdown groups

A Plus61J investigation has identified 24 groups, with nearly 100,000 followers, that espouse antisemitic or neo-Nazi views. They also pursue a political agenda with endorsements of right-wing politicians

KRISTINA KENEALLY: ‘Far-right extremism has permeated the Australian mainstream’

KRISTINA KENEALLY: We must recognise how quickly people can shift from believing conspiracy theories to embracing extremist views; our national leaders must openly condemn these corrosive narratives

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