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US Holocaust Museum says China may be committing genocide against Uighurs

In a new report, the museum uses ‘genocide’ for first time, claiming that alleged crimes against the minority group amount to crimes against humanity

Shin Bet, military to be involved in fighting Arab community crime

As government committee heading the response convenes for first time, PM says he expects Arabs to 'cooperate fully'

‘It’s push and pull’: Why South African Jews are making aliyah in droves

GILLIAN KLAWANSKY: A lack of faith in their country’s future and less red tape than for other destinations has created a huge spike in arrivals at Ben-Gurion

Israeli minister investigated over trying to prevent extradition of Leifer

Police question deputy health minister Yaakov Litzman on suspicion he sought to obtain false legal opinion claiming Malka Leifer not mentally fit to be sent to Australia to face charges

Israeli teen charged with terror, not murder in Palestinian stoning death

Lesser indictment of West Bank settler hints at different legal standards for crimes by Jews and non-Jews, as rights group calls for indictment of rabbi who condoned the attack

‘Judaism Is Not a Murderous Religion’

The Israeli group that stands up to Jewish terrorism When hate crimes have been committed, the founder of Tag Meir explains, his organisation arrives as quickly...

Were Jack the Ripper murders an elaborate anti-Semitic frameup?

New book makes provocative claim about Britain’s most infamous unsolved crime Author Stephen Senise says it’s no coincidence that Britain’s most infamous unsolved crime is...

Palestinian fined for wearing underpants on the beach

Israeli fashion police fine him US$200 for wearing underpants instead of swimming costumes, while ignoring Israelis on the beach doing the same (Haaretz)

Is Netanyahu’s US patron ditching him for Bennett?

There are growing signs that Sheldon Adelson, the PM’s controversial patron, might transfer his affections – and finances – to Education Minister Naftali Bennett,...

Sufficient evidence to charge Netanyahu; & two new cases being probed

Police believe they have sufficient base of evidence against Netanyahu in graft case – Yaniv Kubovich – Haaretz 23.01.17 Members of the national fraud unit...

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