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Culture and Thought

New series of Fauda provokes fear and loathing on both sides of the divide

Prominent Ara writer Sayed Kashua says it’s too pro-Israeli, while Israelis object to billboards in Arabic promoting the highly anticipated second series

English rock stars rebut Nick Cave over BDS bullying allegations

Pink Floyd star Roger Waters and Brian Eno refute claim by Cave that they tried to intimidate him not to perform in Israel

British Library unveils online trove of Hebrew manuscripts

New website showcases 1,300 works ranging from ancient Torah scrolls and prayer books to philosophical, theological and scientific works

Roll up, roll up to see the Band’s visit to Broadway

The musical adaptation of a 2007 Israeli film about an Egyptian band that goes to the wrong town in Israel has become a smash musical on the New York stage

Veil lifted on taboo about Jews’ role in Russian Revolution

Ahead of the centenary, Russia’s main Jewish museum has opened an exhibition that underlines how and why Jews became central to the uprising

Yad Vashem honours Arab who hid four Jews in Berlin during the war

The family initially refused the honour because the institution is Israeli. But Yad Vashem has now found a relative who agreed to accept the award

Meet the married artists bridging the Israeli-Palestinian divide

Israeli artist Amir Guberstein and New York-born artist Jordan Nassar, who is Palestinian, are married and producing art that reflects their unique cultural identities

The boy who taught French Jewish kids to love Israel

Decades ago, a book about an Israeli boy helped prepare our Paris correspondent for his family's aliyah. Where is that boy now?

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