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Riots between Jews and Arabs in Israel take Gaza conflict into uncharted territory

Curfew imposed on mixed city of Lod after mob attacks by both sides; Arabs say they’ve reached boiling point; Netanyahu vows to restore order ‘with an iron fist’

Cabinet thwarts Netanyahu’s bid for curfew; PM defends Pfizer deal

Netanyahu responds to criticism of secrecy: some clauses not meant to be published; Greek paper compares Pfizer’s Jewish CEO to Josef Mengele

Unemployment in Israel at 22.7%; shops open to boost numbers back at work

Jobless in October was nearly double that of September; officials worried that tweaking with lockdown strategy could lead to a new one; spike in infections prompts spectre of curfews

Palestinian Authority orders nightly, weekend coronavirus curfew

Ramallah, Hebron, Nablus and Bethlehem put under a four-day lockdown; corona spike in West Bank mirrored by worsening economic fallout

Empty streets, a curfew, Zoom seders: Israel’s Pesach like no other

EETTA PRINCE-GIBSON: The government has imposed a new level of lockdown to make Israelis resist the urge to see family and friends for this year’s holiday

1945 curfew law to be applied to Palestinians of Jerusalem

Six residents of Issawiya told they are set to have movement restricted, using a British mandate-era law; art gallery to be evicted over tarnishing ‘Israel’s good name’

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