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Could exiled former Palestinian leader Dahlan lead Gaza?

The former leader of Fatah in Gaza, Mohammed Dahlan, is one of the heroes of the first intifada and has support from Israel and the US. But could he impose his power?

Abbas moves quickly to sideline main rival in Palestinian elections

Hamas welcomes news that elections will be held this year; PA officials say Abbas’s chief rival, Mohammed Dahlan, won’t be allowed to run because he is a convicted criminal

Signs that Trump is working on a Syria deal that includes normalisation

White House dealings with Syria spark speculation; Dominican Republic may shift embassy to Jerusalem; Abbas stews over role played by rival, Mohammed Dahlan, in engineering the agreements

Palestinians quit chairing Arab League sessions over Arab-Israel deals

Palestinians concede right to chair League’s council of foreign ministers; Palestinians arrest supporters of Abbas rival Dahlan; Hamas, Fatah meet in Istanbul for unity talks

Has Abbas run out of time?

PA leader waits for a President Biden to lift his stocks, but the Palestinian street has had enough, as US ambassador talks of supporting his hated rival Dahlan to replace him

Battle royal between best of enemies to succeed Abbas

SHLOMI ELDAR: Jibril Rajoub and Mohammed Dahlan have decided to reconcile ahead of the fight of their lives; reports say Dahlan is trying to start a new Palestinian party

Hamas-Israel ceasefire aims to bring calm to Israel, rebuild Gaza

If the six-phase agreement works, the parties will commit to rebuild Gaza infrastructure and a prisoner swap. Israeli defence minister says the endgame is still to topple Hamas

Netanyahu cautious about Palestinian unity, Abbas wary of Hamas strategy

PM speaks out against potential threat to Israel, PA leader won’t let Hams become a Gaza version of Hezbollah, while rival Dahlan says chances of peace are zero

Palestinians embark on perilous path to political unity

Fatah and Hamas leaders meet to thrash out a reconciliation and way forward, while Abbas rejects the ‘Hezbollah model’ in Gaza and seeks the arrest of his former rival

Hamas offers hand to former enemy in battle with Abbas over Gaza

With its position weakened by the Gulf states’ pressure on Qatar, Hamas is reaching out to the man once regarded as its greatest enemy,...

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