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Dani Dayan

Ex-diplomat at US picked to chair Israel’s Holocaust museum

Former consul general in New York and settler leader will lead Yad Vashem, following controversy over who would succeed the head of the museum

One year on and Western Wall compromise still not implemented

Our cherished Wall in Jerusalem increasingly divides us – Jane Eisner – The Forward 29.01.16 The last 12 months were an opportunity for PM Netanyahu...

Obama’s new deal with Israel

Obama's new deal with Israel – Bernard Avishai – The New Yorker 23.09.16 The military aid MOU is really a victory for Obama over Netanyahu...

To combat BDS, revive negotiations

To combat BDS, 'Solve the Palestinian Issue,' say top US and EU diplomats – Judy Malz – Haaretz 28.03.16 While expressing absolute condemnation of the...

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