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Daniel Sokatch

NIF is happy to accept blame for Netanyahu’s asylum seekers failure

While PM ponders Plan B, pre-deportation hearings are happening despite the absence of a new signed agreement with another African country

Netanyahu’s attack prompts huge boost in donations to NIF

Israelis give NGO almost half a million shekels after Netanyahu accuses it of pressuring Rwanda to scrap a deal to take in asylum seekers

US boycott gag order would be detrimental to Americans and Israelis

Legislation before US Congress, to impose grave penalties on Americans who boycott Israel or West Bank settlements, would undermine fundamental democratic values

How Bibi uses BDS

BDS: Netanyahu’s favourite boogeyman – Daniel Sokatch – The Forward 01.05.17 Netanyahu puts the focus on BDS because he does not want to talk about...

Villa in the jungle refused entry to human rights NGO; now backtracking

Israel backtracks on barring Human Rights Watch staffer – Ron Kampeas – The Forward 24.02.17 Human Rights Watch, which had called the rejection ‘ominous’ for...

Don’t despair: Israel’s not a failure

American Jews shouldn’t be disappointed that Israel’s not a liberal wonderland - Gershom Gorenberg – Moment Magazine May-June 2016 ‘I can best define despair in...

Liberal democracy is inseparable from Israeli solidarity writ-large

Democracy AND solidarity – Naomi Chazan – The Times of Israel 11.04.16 Naomi Chazan responds to Haviv Rettig Gur’s essay on the nature of Israel’s...

Left, Right and the nature of Israel’s democracy

The end of Israeli democracy? – Haviv Rettig Gur – The Times of Israel 04.04.16 The Right’s persistent habit of systematically toppling its own bills...

Curious incident of the flag at Haaretz conference

The curious incident of the flag at the Haaretz conference – David Horowitz – The Times of Israel 15.12.15 Did anyone suggest to Erekat that...

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