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Dassi Erlich

Beyond Leifer: Dassi Erlich tells her story

No longer restricted by the battle to bring her abuser to justice, DASSI ERLICH has published the full story of her brutish home and the ultra-Orthodox community that failed her. She talks to MICHAEL VISONTAY.

A 12-year struggle for justice ends as Leifer found guilty

The verdicts, the timelines and the implications of the trial of former Adass Israel principal Malka Leifer, one of the most notorious cases of abuse in the history of Australia's Jewish community.

Woman ‘distraught’ disclosing alleged Leifer abuse

One of three sisters allegedly sexually abused by former ultra-Orthodox Jewish school principal Malka Leifer was distraught when revealing what happened to her, a court has been told.

Malka Leifer to stand trial on 70 charges of child sexual abuse – VIDEO

VIDEO: Julie Szego reports on a dramatic day of evidence in Leifer’s committal hearing in Melbourne

Israel to indict Litzman for obstruction of justice, breach of trust over Leifer case

As former health minister awaits filing of charges, Malka Leifer’s lawyers in Leifer’s trial request Dassi Erlich’s medical records

At last, Malka Leifer can be extradited to Australia

EXCLUSIVE: It took less than 10 seconds for Judge Lomp to announce that Leifer can be extradited to Australia (pending appeals), writes MANNY WAKS, who represented her three accusers in court yesterday

President Rivlin pledges to intervene in Leifer extradition

Rivlin, has told Australian MPs he will personally intervene in the extradition process of former Melbourne principal Malka Leifer if her years-long legal process drags beyond this week

President Rivlin refuses to meet Dassi Erlich during Australian visit

The Israeli president has so far refused to meet Erlich and her sisters over the Leifer extradition case; Rivlin's office says he 'takes the matter very seriously'. Michael Visontay reports

It’s time for Israel to show moral leadership and extradite Malka Leifer

SHARON BERGER: Diplomacy hasn't worked, neither has legal argument. After bail was again refused overnight, revelations of ministerial meddling may push the Israeli government to show moral courage and finally do the right thing

Leifer’s team fights extradition with PR plan to smear Israeli minister

Sensational twist: Fugitive principal’s team hired consultant who planned campaign to portray Justice Minister Shaked as a biased arbitrator with close ties to Australian legal authorities

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