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Dave Sharma

EDITORIAL: Jewish voters are not easily seduced

The results of the federal election showed that Jewish voters are more interested in environment and equity than the finer points of candidates' attitudes to Israel

Dave Sharma says he pushes hard for climate action, but talks tough on refugees

ANNE SUSSKIND: The member for Wentworth says he is not afraid to vote against the government tide, is proud of his efforts to help locals get through the pandemic, and his convictions on Israel

Allegra Spender: ‘I’ve had it’ with the Morrison government

The independent candidate for Wentworth tells Anne Susskind why climate action is anything but radical, vents over absent leadership and explains her views on Israel  

Ex-Australian ambassador: Leifer case damaging ties with Israel

Dave Sharma claims that the amount of time it is taking the Israeli justice system to decide on Leifer's extradition is causing friction between the two countries

What matters in Wentworth?

Will Israel be the major factor for Jewish voters in the federal election? Or do they consider another issue more important? PETER RODGERS investigates

PM Morrison considering moving Australian embassy to Jerusalem

Prime Minister expected to announce today that he is considering following Donald Trump’s move, following discussions with the Liberal Party's candidate for Wentworth, Dave Sharma, who is the former ambassador to Israel

Former ambassador to Israel wins Liberal pre-selection for Wentworth

It wasn't till after midnight last night that the former Australian envoy to Israel, Dave Sharma, won his party's candidacy for the seat vacated by Malcolm Turnbull

A small ray of hope amid the terrible suffering of Syrians

Ziv, a ray of hope in the Syrian tragedy - Dave Sharma – The Times of Israel 11.06.17 Person by person, life by life, limb...

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