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David Adler

Adler’s logic about Jews and the Voice is wrong, his attack on other Jews vile

The AJA head was wrong when he implied on Sky News that group rights are not good for the Jews; he was despicable when he said Jewish support was driven by money.

Israel democracy protests go global but in Sydney rally supports Israel without reservations

NELL COHEN: Speakers at the rally, supported by the Right-wing AJA, accused the Albanese government, the ZFA and Australian Jewish News of being hostile to the Israeli government.

A troubling trend: the mainstreaming of the Australian Jewish Association

The media dissects candidates but has given the AJA – a far-right, unrepresentative group opposed to the two-state solution – a free pass to mainstream credibility

The growing support for Australia’s far-right Jewish movement

In four years, the Australian Jewish Association has attracted a hefty 15,000 Facebook followers. Oscar Kaspi-Crutchett asks its president what the AJA stands for and why it strikes a chord

Sharma to run again in Wentworth at general election

Liberal sources say the former ambassador to Israel, who was defeated in last month’s by-election, is keen to stand again

A Jewish alt-right? Up close and personal with the new Australian conservative Jewish movement

David Adler and Avi Yemini want to give voice to the large numbers of conservative Jews who feel marginalised by existing community groups. They support similar agendas but differ on how to pursue them

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