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David Bitan

The other four politicians who might use the immunity bill

Gambit to save Bibi could also block corruption charges against Ya’akov Litzman, Shas leader Aryeh Deri, and Likud’s Haim Katz and David Bitan; Litzman accused of aiding alleged paedophiles

Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump and the politics of grievance

Even after over 11 years as prime minister, Netanyahu has, deliberately, never lost the appeal of an oppositional figure pitting himself against a hated establishment. In Israel, as in the United States, that is a dangerous approach to leadership.

Rivlin says election threat ‘insane’, Lapid rebuffs coalition reshuffle

Israel's president Rivlin labels Netanyahu’s threat to call early election 'insane' – Jonathan Lis – Haaretz 20.03.17 Rivlin joins growing list of detractors who think...

Is it more serious for Netanyahu this time?

The corruption allegations against Benjamin Netanyahu – Ruth Margalit –The New Yorker 13.01.17 Corruption scandals are nothing new for Netanyahu. But it’s more serious this...

Thousands remember Rabin – but McCarthyist incitement is rife again

Tens of thousands remember Rabin in Tel Aviv; Herzog: no more talks over unity government – Ilan Lior – Haaretz 05.11.16 Opposition leader accuses Netanyahu...

Netanyahu seeks to control all media

Can battle over public broadcasting bring down Netanyahu? – Ben Caspit – Al-Monitor 02.11.16 PM Benjamin Netanyahu is now fighting against the establishment of a...

Is this racist rapper acceptable to Likud?

Notorious anti-Arab Israeli rapper joins PM Netanyahu's Likud party – Peter Beaumont - The Guardian 04.08.16 Yoav Eliasi (Hatsel - The Shadow) was sponsored by...

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