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David Grossman

David Grossman: Human stories to dissolve fossilised narratives

Ahead of an event at Melbourne Jewish Book Week, the leading Israeli novelist talks to Eetta Prince-Gibson about politics, grief and his new novel, More Than I Love My Life

Israeli field hospital in Ukraine due to open today

As teams arrive, debate rages over Israel’s divisive refugee policy: government tells High Court not to intervene, David Grossman expresses ‘deep sense of shame’

Sting in the BDS tail: it has made exclusion among Australians respectable

IRVING WALLACH: By fixing a red line that labels one side as ‘good’ and the other as so ‘evil’ that it deserves to be shunned, BDS excludes any moral view other than its own

Writer David Grossman suggests occupation has become ‘apartheid’

Leading writer says Israel’s presence in Palestinian territory ‘should no longer be called an occupation’; he has previously used the word apartheid to describe the situation

World leaders must co-operate, not bunker down, to beat pandemic

YUVAL NOAH HARARI: The real antidote to epidemic is not segregation but co-operation, and the best defence against pathogens is sharing information, says prominent historian

Israel Prize laureates petition Supreme Court against Nation-State Law

Forty prominent intellectuals seek amendment to controversial legislation to define Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people and homeland of the minorities that live in it

Natalie Portman, David Grossman and how to be pro-Israel but anti-Netanyahu

ITTAY FLESCHER The American actress has just ignited a firestorm by refusing to accept a prize from the Israeli PM. last week, the Israeli author made a different choice and used his speech to state his case more powerfully

Surprising importance of famous author’s predictable literary prize

There’s something satisfying about the State of Israel awarding one of the government's biggest critics, David Grossman, with its most important prize

WATCH: David Grossman joins musical supergroup in a Rock n’ Roll commentary on the violent political situation in Israel – “HaMatzav”

“We can never have our lives / if they do not have their lives. / They can never have their lives / if we...

A horse walks into (an Israeli) bar

David Grossman: ‘You have to act against the gravity of grief – to decide you won’t fall’ – Jonathan Freedland – The Guardian 26.11.16 The...

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