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The Voice: How to answer the naysayers

Voting is not enough. Those who say ‘Yes’ to the Voice need to be able to counter the doubters. MARY CROOKS corrects some misconceptions.

Proud no more: Jews hoping Trump’s successor will ‘Make America Good Again’

COLIN SHINDLER: The US president’s refusal to condemn the Proud Boys in this week’s debate was another example of his toxic moral equivalence

WATCH: Peter Beinart on the case for a binational state

VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: US writer concedes it would be hard to achieve but the alternative, no political rights for Palestinians, would be more dangerous.

Forget the elbow bumps, Sanders was too soft on Biden for his own good

The former vice-president and his more left-wing rival faced off in the first two-person Democratic debate

Gantz widens lead in polls, dismisses TV debate from desperate PM

As polls show neither party likely to get enough votes to form a government bloc on their own, prosecutors last night said they have launched a probe into Gantz's failed start-up 

The US university where robust debate about Israel is almost taboo

Many from both sides of the conflict say they prefer to self-censor rather than face backlash from fellow students at the historically Jewish college

US anti-terror bill that’s dividing Israeli political and military leaders

As Trump prepares to send another peace delegation to the Middle-East, the US is involved in a debate so unusual that the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC has decided to stay neutral.

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