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Delphine Horvilleur

France’s star rabbi stuck at home: ‘I cook more. It’s an interesting experience’

With Paris under lockdown, Delphine Horvilleur is creating an online version of activities formerly held at synagogues involved with her Judaism in Movement group

New reform alliance set to shake the foundations of French Jewish life

An alternative voice could upset the balance of power that has existed in France since Napoleon

We need Israel’s endorsement of Jewish pluralism

DELPHINE HORVILLEUR Israel should serve as a laboratory for diversity. I expect Israel and Israelis to respect our diversity and to see it as a source of inspiration, not a weakness

We need Israel’s endorsement of Jewish pluralism

RABBI DELPHINE HORVILLEUR Delphine Horvilleur was born in 1974 and raised in Eastern France to a family of Holocaust survivors. She moved to Jerusalem at the age of 17...

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