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ethnic cleansing

Penny Wong condemns QLD ALP over Israel ‘ethnic cleansing’ resolution

Shadow minister for Foreign Affairs said ‘viewing any conflict from only one perspective will not advance peace’, after resolution passed at Qld state conference

‘Irresponsible and unethical’: Moriah principal’s blog on ‘myth’ of annexation slammed

MICHAEL VISONTAY: Partisan post by Rabbi Yehoshua Smukler, the head of Sydney’s Moriah College, has been slammed by a former Jewish day school principal and ex-Moriah students

U.S. Jews are protesting against China’s treatment of Muslims. Will Australian Jews follow?

Jane Eisner: When a powerful nation interns at least a million Muslims in concentration camps, is that a Jewish issue? If so, what can and should be done?

The Myall Creek massacres, Australia’s own ‘ethnic cleansing’

On the eve of the anniversary of Kristallnacht, it is time for Australia to acknowledge the genocidal episode in its own history

The devastation of the Bedouin

Palestine: The end of the Bedouins? – David Shulman – The New York Review of Books 07.12.16 For centuries, all the political regimes of the...

How Abbas could burst a devious Netanyahu bubble

How Abbas can counter Netanyahu's manoeuver – Akiva Eldar – Al-Monitor 27.10.16 Netanyahu uses the demand that Palestinians recognise Israel as the homeland of the...

Russia’s Middle East offensive

Russia’s Middle East offensive – John Hannah – Foreign Policy 13.09.16 Even before Russian bombers launched strikes into Syria from an Iranian air base last...

ADL chief and others slam Netanyahu’s ‘ethnic cleansing’ rhetoric

Sorry Bibi, the Palestinians are not ‘ethnic cleansing’ Jewish settlers – Jonathan A. Greenblatt – Foreign Policy 13.09.16 Using words that hint of genocide for...

Responses re Netanyahu and ‘ethnic cleansing’

Netanyahu's new clothes – Nahum Barnea – Ynetnews 11.09.16 The prime minister knows his 'ethnic cleansing' video presents him in his nakedness, but these are...

Netanyahu sets new record for chutzpah, rejects US, UN, EU, Quartet & Israeli High Court criticism

Netanyahu’s claim of 'ethnic cleansing' sets a Guinness record for chutzpah - Chemi Shalev – Haaretz 10.09.16 After years of fighting the loaded term, the...

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