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70 years after the King David Hotel bombing

70 years later, perpetrator and victim recall King David Hotel bombing - Ofer Aderet - Haaretz 23.07.16Shoshana Levy Kampos remembers clearly what happened when...

Likud’s flirtation with Austrian far-right has precedents

The Israeli Right's historic ties to European fascism - Noam Rotem - +972 Magazine 14.04.16 The ruling Likud party welcomed to Israel members of the...

Who’s a ‘terrorist’, who a ‘freedom fighter’?

When is a terrorist a terrorist? – Shlomi Eldar – Al-Monitor 13.04.16 In his 1987 book ‘Terrorism: How the West Can Win’, Netanyahu distinguishes between...

Roots of Jewish terrorism

The Jewish Terrorists - Assaf Sharon – The New York Review of Books 23.09.15 Issue The roots of contemporary Jewish terrorism lie in the radical...

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