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Biden thinks the PA can govern Gaza; the Palestinians think he’s dreaming

Palestinian analysts say Hamas will need to be involved in any postwar negotiations.

EU condemns ‘hateful’ Palestinian textbooks, Israeli ‘institutional discrimination’

A wide-ranging resolution on European relations with the Palestinian Authority threatens to freeze funding over textbooks and says Israel ‘systemically oppresses and institutionally discriminates against Palestinians’.

EU tightens trade procedures against settlement products

Products from settlements will face higher tariffs than those coming from within Israel’s internationally recognised borders.

EU cancels Europe Day reception to avoid hosting Ben-Gvir

The decision reflects an ideological clash which, ironically, has its origin in Europe’s commitment never to see a repetition of its treatment of Jews during World War II.

In a first, EU invites Jews and Muslims to stand up for kosher and halal slaughter amid local bans

European Union officials in Brussels invited Jewish and Muslim community leaders to discuss meat production and religious freedom.

Israel joins major EU research program that excludes settlements

The deal forbids Israel from investing the funds beyond its pre-1967 borders and bars academic and research institutions in settlements from participating

Unorthodox encounters with Israel’s ultra-Orthodox community

SHARON OFFENBERGER: One size does not fit all but one thing is certain: the impact of Haredi integration in mainstream Israel is inevitable

EU outlines comprehensive strategy for combatting antisemitism in Europe

Proposals comprise ’three pillars’: protect and foster Jewish life in the EU, bolster education and research, and Holocaust remembrance

Progressive US Democrats slam Palestinians over crackdown on critics

Tlaib, Omar, Bush, Pocan and Murphy blast Ramallah’s ‘shameful’ arrests; UN and EU also condemn Palestinian Authority over activist arrests

EU court rules employers can ban religious symbols in workplaces

Decision spurs protest from Muslim and Jewish groups, with senior rabbi saying it primarily targets Muslims but that effects will be felt by Jews as well

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