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South Africa’s continuing Jewish exodus is powered by more than the energy crisis

Loadshedding has scarred the national psyche but the roots of Jewish emmigration are deeper, encompassing economic, personal and political motivations.

The Israelis planning their escape from Netanyahu’s judicial coup

Fearful for the future, a large number of Israelis are seriously considering emigration, or have already started the process of moving to Spain, Portugal, the US – even Thailand.

The discomfort of revisiting Leon Uris’ Exodus

It was the million-selling novel that shaped a generation of Jews. Now it feels like vintage propaganda.

‘There’s no future for me here’: Why Jews are fleeing South Africa for Israel

JUDY MALTZ: 500 Jews are set to make aliyah in 2021, the most in a single year since the fall of apartheid. Immigrants and experts explain the reasons for the exodus

Boris Johnson admits possible Jewish ‘exodus’ from Nthn Ireland over Brexit

UK Chief Rabbi and Board of Jewish Deputies in urgent meeting with government over kosher food shortages in region

Covid: Tel Aviv young look to leave; stranded Palestinians try to return

As health official tells Knesset second wave had arrived, a lack of jobs hits under-35 Israelis hard, asylum-seekers also losing the jobs; PA says more than 6,000 Palestinians overseas waiting to come home

The action man of Exodus Vs the tortured nebbish of Portnoy

JOSHUA HAMMERMAN While Ari Ben Canaan is who we want to be, Phillip Roth’s characters represent who we perceive ourselves to be. Most Jews are a combination of both

Moses narrative tried to root out any attraction to Egypt

In the second of her two-part Pesach special, GILI KUGLER takes a further look at the alternative perspective of the Israelites' exodus

Exodus without slavery: An alternative history of the Israelites in Egypt

GILI KUGLER Biblical references indicate that the book of Ezekiel’s narrative of Egypt-without-slavery was a valid, alternative tradition

The “Children of the Exodus” celebrating their 70th birthday

Now surrounded by grandchildren, they were born on the famous ship carrying 4,500 illegal Jewish immigrants from Europe to Palestine in 1947.

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