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extreme weather

Climate change and terrorism

Where security experts stand on the claim climate change causes terrorism - Talking Points Memo (TPM) 18.11.15 Read article here And see: Climate change could cause...

Climate Change – a “threat multiplier”

Be Prepared: Climate Change, Security and Australia’s Defence Force – Admiral Chris Barrie (Ret.) & Prof Will Steffen – Climate Council 22.09.15

Climate change could cause second Holocaust

Climate change could cause second Holocaust, says Yale historian – The Times of Israel 19.09.15 According to Prof. Timothy Snyder, the struggle to feed populations...

Mideast hotter, drier & more dangerous

Mideast Climate Change: Hotter, drier and more dangerous – Haaretz 11.02.15 Desertification in the region has provided fertile ground for the rise of extremists such...

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