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I went undercover among online fascists and this is what I found

JULIA EBNER identified four clear trends that explain how extremists have spread antisemitism from hidden corners of the web into the mainstream.

The Ukraine War is being used as a pretext for antisemitic attacks in Germany

New research finds one in 10 attacks on Jewish people was related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine; French protesters vandalise Holocaust memorial.

Who is more antisemitic, the far left or far right? A new survey provides an answer

A US survey challenges the popular perception that antisemitic views are equally likely to be found at both ends of the left-right spectrum.

Victoria to ban Nazi salutes after far-Right rally against trans rights

The Australian Army is investigating serving soldiers with neo-Nazi links and Victoria is strengthening its anti-vilification laws after a weekend which saw a burst of neo-Nazi activity.

VIDEO: Far-Right figure at pro-Putin march in Sydney says Jews are poisoning the planet 

At Night Wolves march, Riccardo Bosi says he supports Russia because they are killing Jews: “The Russians are fighting the Khazarian mafia (code for Jews) in their homeland."

Israel democracy protests go global but in Sydney rally supports Israel without reservations

NELL COHEN: Speakers at the rally, supported by the Right-wing AJA, accused the Albanese government, the ZFA and Australian Jewish News of being hostile to the Israeli government.

MATTI FRIEDMAN: ‘Israel is a society in crisis, and its politics are broken’

The bond that held the country together has been shattered, the break with the past symbolised by Netanyahu’s decision to put an ideological criminal, Ben-Gvir, in charge of law enforcement.

Netanyahu unveils his far-Right vision: legalise illegal outposts, annex occupied territory

Hardline coalition stresses exclusive Jewish rights to land; vows to override judicial independence, crack down on Women of the Wall; ex-ambassador to Australia slams new government.

Netanyahu’s deal with the far Right could turn Israel into an international pariah

Despite the occupation, Israel has never faced international sanctions. AMOS HAREL writes Netanyahu is now playing with fire.

Opposing Ben-Gvir and Smotrich means we are all ‘Peace Now’ now

COLIN SHINDLER: The Diaspora must work openly to oppose them; their presence in the government is a gift to BDS and damages the national interests of Jews worldwide.

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