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‘Food is about mothering – how nature provides for us, how we’ve been fed and by whom’

JOANNE FEDLER: We have more culinary choices than ever, yet we’ve never been as spiritually malnourished. We need to ask deeper questions about food.

In a pickle and proud of it: Sydney’s Jewish farmers use brine not brawn

PAULA TOWERS: Adamama’s pickle courses have attracted people from all ages; the pickles have been bottled and are selling strongly – just in time for the community farm’s first anniversary

PODCAST: A lap of Caulfield Park – Ashley talks with author and publisher Adam McNicol

Ashley talks with Adam about growing up on a Victorian farm, with no Jewish connection but the enjoyment he got from regularly visiting his cousins in Sydney

A roots experience: Australia’s first urban Jewish farm

Once were farmers: Mitch Burnie, manager of the inner-Sydney project, takes Paula Towers on a tour of his “office” and explains the popularity of the new Jewish farming movement

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