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In One Voice cancelled but CSG says community events should proceed

Organisers were worried about hosting one of Melbourne’s largest Jewish events next March but the Community Security Group says cancelling is premature.

‘Food is about mothering – how nature provides for us, how we’ve been fed and by whom’

JOANNE FEDLER: We have more culinary choices than ever, yet we’ve never been as spiritually malnourished. We need to ask deeper questions about food.

Peaceful protest outside Opera House; entertainment figures oppose boycott

About 80 protesters gathered ahead of the opening night of Decadance; Kiss guitarist Gene Simmons, film producer Emile Sherman call boycott 'an affront to Palestinians and Israelis'

This year’s Halloween satisfies a pent-up Covid craving for celebration

As her Melbourne neighbourhood gets into the spirit with unusual relish, DEBORAH STONE says we should enjoy Halloween for the harmless fun it offers

At least 45 killed at overcrowded Lag B’Omer event in northern Israel

Over 100 people injured, 20 in critical condition; helicopters evacuating victims from largest gathering held in Israel since COVID outbreak; IDF sends rescue team

The Jewish Woodstock: a rich, wild tribute to a lost world

KAREN PAKULA: Krakow’s Jewish festival, the largest in Europe, offers a cultural smorgasbord that, after 30 years, that draws thousands

Inspirational element to new South African film festival

The upcoming festival in Sydney will embody a “desire to live up to certain values” that exists in South Africa, festival co-organiser Claire Jankelson tells Anne Susskind

The full megillah: Joyous disorder and awkward truths

MANDI KATZ: Alongside the irreverence, it is important to read the whole story of Purim so that each generation can find its own meaning

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