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Too much Holocaust fiction – and too loose with the facts

An Australian seminar casts a critical eye over the deluge of novels, sparked by the Tattooist of Auschwitz, that pay too little heed to the details of what happened.

Satirical novel ‘The Netanyahus’ wins Pulitzer for fiction

Author Joshua Cohen says the novel has nothing to do with Bibi’s political woes; it’s about identity and illiberalism, fathers and sons, autocrats – and Trump

WG Sebald ransacked Jewish lives for his hallucinatory fictions

Judith Shulevitz: The German author was hailed for his ghostly literary world of fragments, snippets and vagueness. Now he is being accused of lying about his sources

‘I can’t go to Iran but my stories can.’

Israeli book to be distributed in Iran as 'a life line between the countries' -  Major Israeli author Etgar Keret hopes the translation of his...

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