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Cry, the beloved country for a homeland teetering on the brink

Last week’s devastating fire in Johannesburg is indicative of the tragic decline RALPH GENENDE witnessed during his visit home this year. But he also found rivers of compassion and courage.

The self-anointed national saviour now struggling to save himself

MICHAEL GAWENDA; Although climate and Covid have been sidelined in this campaign, they will help determine its outcome. That is not good news for the old or new Scott Morrison

Photos of burnt books evoke chilling memories for Jerusalemites

ITTAY FLESCHER was on a morning jog when he spotted this burnt out book exchange; his report for Plus61JMedia went viral and sent a chill down the spine ahead of the upcoming Kristallnacht anniversary

Report: Israel planted bomb at Iranian nuclear facility, setting back program

New York Times reports a Middle Eastern intelligence official said Israel planted a bomb in a building where advanced centrifuges were being developed

VIDEO: Settlers torch Palestinian school in latest ‘price tag’ attack

Graffiti was signed with name of the illegal Jewish outpost Kumi Ori, similar to a series of hate crimes in past months

Dutch communist may not have lit Reichstag fire: new evidence

Newly found testimony by a Nazi official clears Dutch trade union member Marinus van der Lubbe of setting fire to the building in 1933

Israel spends weekend ablaze as fires break out throughout the country

Fire consumes memorial forest for Holocaust victims near Jerusalem, approximately 3,500 residents were evacuated; Netanyahu thanks Egypt's Sisi for sending help

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