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The self-anointed national saviour now struggling to save himself

MICHAEL GAWENDA; Although climate and Covid have been sidelined in this campaign, they will help determine its outcome. That is not good news for the old or new Scott Morrison

Dateline Bellingen: The flood zone that feels a bit like living in a war zone

SHARON OFFENBERGER: Rather than being glued to ‘special coverage’ on Israeli media, I am now glued to the local ‘flood cam’, for updates on my third flood within a year

Jewish Commonwealth two-pronged plan to battle climate change

Campaign starts with Eco-Shabbat and extending helping hand to small islands; Jews can make a difference, says CLIVE LAWTON, CJC chief executive

The flood we brought on ourselves

RABBI SERGIO BERGMAN: Just as Noah listened to the voice that called him to build the ark, we are being called to action as individuals, communities and nations

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