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The insane career of New York’s fast-talking and fraudulent ‘Crazy Eddie’

Author of book on the Syrian Jewish retail legend says he became interested in the project through Eddie’s cousin, who became a witness against him.

Moriah College board faces challenges over academic results and fraud

School has tried to allay parents’ concerns by enlisting Steven Lowy, son of billionaire Frank, to advise on debt and fundraising

PM’s controversial camera bill to surveil Arab voters rejected

Netanyahu’s claim of election fraud draws outrage from political figures; Vote on camera bill to surveil Arabs at polls thwarted by Lieberman

Sara Netanyahu in court as fraud trial begins over misuse of state funds

Legal proceedings against PM’s wife, suspected of misusing A$130,000 to order food from Jerusalem restaurants, are expected to last months

Sara Netanyahu’s bizarre descent into robbing the national till

The PM’s wife had no reason to resort to petty misuse of funds yet despite the odor, the public seems not to have blamed her husband for his wife’s crimes

Sara Netanyahu charged with fraud over misusing state funds

Israeli PM’s wife accused of misusing $100,000 public funds to buy in food from restaurants

Sometimes something comes from ‘nothing’

Former Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger sentenced to 3.5 years in prison – Kobi Nachshoni & Liran Levy - Jewish Business News/Ynet 24.01.17 Former Ashkenazi Chief...

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