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free speech

MASHA GESSEN: Inside the Israeli crackdown on free speech

In the national trauma following Hamas’s massacre, those who query or express dissent about the government’s response are being trampled on.

A Jewish approach to balancing free speech and public safety in the internet age

A recent decision shows how extreme US courts can be in defending free speech. Jewish values recognise hate speech doesn’t deserve protection. Jay MichaelsonJuly 7,...

Concerns that Musk’s takeover of Twitter may promote antisemitism

Observers says his theoretically admirable commitment to free speech could be horrendous in practice

Victoria to be first state to ban public display of Nazi symbols

Exceptions will be made for educational or historical purposes; court backs Sydney academic's right to free speech in swastika dismissal case

’Free speech has become the defence of the scoundrel’

DEBORAH STONE: From academics putting swastikas on maps of Israel to politicians inciting riots, free speech has become a battlefield, and the social media platforms that launch hostilities must be held to account

The real purpose of Trump’s executive order on anti-Semitism

MASHSA GESSEN: President’s son-in-law clarifies that ‘the order makes clear what our administration has stated publicly on the record, that Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism’

Gaby fights an unjust system: ‘When I go to court, it’s a war zone’

Israeli human rights lawyer Gaby Lasky specialises in free speech and the right to protest. About half her clients are Palestinian residents of the West Bank and the other half are Jewish citizens of Israel

Proposed US legislation would make it difficult to criticise Israeli government policy

The bill, which seeks to target harassment of Jewish students on college campuses, would blur the line between anti-Israel speech and anti-Semitic speech

Australian government ‘hypocritical about free speech’?

Liberal defenders of free speech curiously silent over banning of Bassem Tamimi – Jeff Sparrow – The Guardian 10.04.17 Where were the advocates for changes...

Does US antisemitism awareness bill go too far?

American Jewish establishment stifles free speech to silence Zionism’s critics – Peter Beinart – Haaretz 07.12.16 According to the US Senate’s new Anti-Semitism Awareness Act,...

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