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Israel to back Palestinian NGOs’ terror label through conviction of Spanish woman

The Spanish citizen was a fundraiser for one of the six NGOs but didn’t belong to any of them, and was unaware that the funds she raised had been transferred to the PFLP

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Disappointed over the UIA gala fundraiser

The fond relationship of shared values between Israel and Australia is being undermined by an out-of-touch leadership, writes Philippa Jacks

Israeli youth on Gaza border raise money for Australian firefighters

Three 16-year-old students, none of whom have even met an Australian, have organised an online campaign to support the people of NSW. Ittay Flescher reports.

The new breed of Jewish donor: from cheque book to hands-on involvement

Jewish fundraising has moved beyond traditional “cheque book” to “hands on" philanthropy, writes GARY SAMOWITZ. The donors want to be involved in the programs and see the impact first hand

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