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A historic maritime border changes the game for Israel and Lebanon

The agreement will boost natural gas production in the disputed the Karish maritime reservoir, but it also means a de facto recognition of Israel and its borders.

Israel signs deal to export natural gas to Europe, via Egypt

Israel, Egypt and the European Union have signed a deal that will see Israel export its natural gas to the EU for the first time.

Israel shares an uncomfortable geopolitical stage with Russia

SHARON OFFENBERGER: Messy Mediterranean gas field deals and tacit co-operation in Syria have made Israel reluctant to be openly critical of Putin

Police evict Palestinian family from Sheikh Jarrah, ending stand-off

Family had threatened to blow itself up with a gas tank, 18 protesters arrested; city hall says land will be used to build special needs school for Palestinians

Deal reached to supply Israeli natural gas to Gaza power plant

Qatar's envoy to Gaza announces project after negotiations between PA, Israeli power company; deal will help Gaza residents, who live on about 11 hours of electricity a day

At checkpoints – ‘disgrace and shame’ on Israel

Right-wing minister: conditions for Palestinians at checkpoints are 'disgrace and shame' on Israel - Jonathan Lis - Haaretz 16.04.16 Uri Ariel also said he urged...

“The great gas robbery” July 3, 2015

'The great gas robbery': A chronicle of civil resistance - +972 30.06.15 A photo chronicle of the past few years of protest against the Israeli...

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